2022 Tapered roller bearing, do you really understand?

Taper Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearings mainly bear radially oriented combined radial and axial loads.

Bearing capacity depends on the outer ring of the raceway angle. The larger the angle, the greater the bearing capacity.

The bearings are separated bearings, according to the number of rolling elements in the bearings are divided into single tapered roller bearing, double row and four row tapered roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance needs to be adjusted by the user during installation; double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance has been given according to the user’s requirements when the product is shipped, without user adjustment.

Cup tapered roller bearing has tapered inner ring and outer ring raceway, tapered roller arrangement. All tapered surface projection lines are at the same point of the bearing axis convergence. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for carrying loads combined (radial and axial). The contact angle α mainly determines the axial load capacity of the bearing; the larger the α angle, the higher the axial load capacity. The calculation coefficient e expresses the size of the angle; the larger the value of e, the larger the contact angle, the greater the suitability of the bearing to bear axial load.

Tapered roller bearings are usually separated; it can install the tapered inner ring assembly consisting of an inner ring with roller and cage assembly separately from the tapered outer ring (outer ring).

Tapered roller bearing uses in automobiles, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery, and other industries.

single row taper roller bearing
single row taper roller bearing

Tapered roller bearings are being installed in the process of scratches. The cause is: the bearing is being installed, assembled when the inner ring, outer ring skew, or perhaps in the process of installation and assembly of the emergence of punching load, the final formation of bearing scratches.

The installation of tapered roller bearings following the work specifications to stop will not form many achievements, such as the form of installation or approach is not appropriate. It will create the bearing raceway surface and bony surface to begin bearing emergence line trauma. When used, a deep groove ball bearing device indirectly reacts to the bearing’s precision, longevity, and function.

Tapered roller bearing quality and other aspects are better, but rolling bearing is precise. Its use must also be correspondingly careful. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, they will not get the expected high performance if they are not used properly.

There are several precautions concerning the use of bearings as follows.

(1) Keep tapered roller bearings and their surroundings clean.

Even the tiny dust invisible to the eye can negatively influence the bearing. Therefore, keep the surroundings clean so that dust does not invade the bearing.

(2) Use with care.

In use to give a strong impact with tapered roller bearings, it will produce scars and indentations and become the cause of accidents. In severe cases, cracks and fractures will occur, so the use of bearings must take care of.

(3) Use proper operating tools.

Avoid substituting existing tools, and operating bearing must use proper tools.

(4) Pay attention to the rust of tapered roller bearings.

Sweat on hands when operating bearings can be the cause of rust. Be careful to use with clean hands and preferably wear gloves as much as possible.

Tapered roller bearings use hearing to identify irregular operation is a prevalent method; for example, with the help of an electronic stethoscope to find a part of the abnormal noise is experienced operators use. If the bearing is in good running condition will issue a low whining sound. If a sharp hissing sound, tapered roller bearings, squeaking sound and another distinctive sounds usually indicate that the bearing is in lousy running condition.

1 Tile surface corrosion:

the spectral analysis found that the concentration of non-ferrous elements is abnormal; iron spectrum in many non-ferrous metal components of submicron wear particles; lubricating oil moisture exceeds the standard, and the acid value exceeds the average.

2 Surface strain of journal:

iron spectrum has iron cutting abrasive particles or black oxide particles, and the metal surface has a tempering colour.

3 Surface corrosion of journal:

abnormal iron concentration is found in the spectral analysis, many submicron particles of iron in the iron spectrum, and the lubricant moisture exceeds the standard or acid value exceeds the average.

4 Surface strain:

Iron spectrum found cutting abrasive particles and composition of non-ferrous metals.

5 Tile back micro-motion wear:

the spectral analysis found that the iron concentration is abnormal. The iron spectrum has many sub-micron wear particles of iron composition; lubricating oil moisture and acid value are odd.

Under liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by the lubricant without direct contact, significantly reducing friction loss and surface wear. The oil film also has a specific vibration absorption ability.

Tapered roller bearing
Tapered roller bearing

The sharp squeaking noise may be caused by improper lubrication. Improper bearing clearance can also cause metal sound. The dent on the outer ring track of the tapered roller bearing will cause vibration and cause a smooth and crisp sound; if it is due to the knocking scar caused by the installation will also produce noise; this noise will vary with the bearing speed. If there is intermittent noise, the rolling parts may be damaged; tapered roller bearings, this sound occurs when the damaged surface is rolled over. If contaminants in the bearing often cause a hissing sound, severe bearing damage will produce an irregular and loud noise.

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