Bearings for continuous caster and bearings for rolling mills.

1. Typical bearings types in continuous caster

steel industry bearings
steel industry bearings


Ladle turret

Foot Roller

Casting Bow

Cutting Roll

Typical bearings arrangements for 1600 slab caster

EquipmentBearing NumberDimensionQtyPart
 Oscillator24044BZD/C4W33220 x 340 x 1188mold
 23238BZD/C4W33190 x 340 x 1208Mold
 GE161ES160 x 230 x 105 x 808Mold
  Segment 1624024CA/S1C4LW33120 x 180 x 60144 Non- drive roll
 23220CA/S1C4LW33100 x 180 x 60.3288  Non- drive roll
 24026CA/S1C4LW33130 x 200 x 6924 Drive roll
 24122CA/S1C4LW33110 x 180 x 6948  Drive roll
  Segment 7824030CA/S1C4LW33150 x 225 x 7548 Non- drive roll
 24026CA/S1C4LW33130 x 200 x 6996  Non- drive roll
 24030CA/S1C4LW33150 x 225 x 758 Drive roll
 24026CA/S1C4LW33130 x 200 x 6916  Drive roll
  Segment 91024030CA/S1C4LW33150 x 225 x 7548 Non- drive roll
 24026CA/S1C4LW33130 x 200 x 6996  Non- drive roll
 24030CA/S1C4LW33150 x 225 x 758 Drive roll
 24026CA/S1C4LW33130 x 200 x 6916  Drive roll
Total 864
1600 slab caster
1600 slab caster

2. Continuous caster segment roll structure

Roll structure development

1. one-piece roll, two bearings

2. one-piece roll, four bearings

3. three pieces of roll, six bearings

roll structure development
roll structure development
roll 1
one piece roll
roll 2
three pieces roll

3. Bearing arrangements for segment rolls

Arrangement 1:

All spherical roller bearings. There is a spherical roller bearing in the middle with a lubricating groove and holes (CA/W33), And there is a bushing inside the inner ring, to let the bearing move axially.

arrangement 1

Arrangement 2:

In the middle there is a CARB bearing to replace the floating middle bearing.

arrangement 2

Arrangement 3:

There are two spherical roller bearings. The advantage is its interchangeability.

arrangement 3

Free end Fixed End


Arrangement 4:

One spherical roller bearing on the fixed end, One RUB bearing on the free end. RUB bearing can accommodate axial displacement misalignment in the same time.  

arrangement 4

Arrangement 5:

There are two split CRB in the middle of the roll, making load carrying capacity and rigidity of the roll higher,and with the added benefits of facilitating the mounting and dismount of bearings.

arrangement 5

Arrangement 6:

Compared with arrangement 5, there is a RUB bearing in the free end to accommodate axial displacement and misalignment in the same time.

arrangement 6

   4. Bearings for casting segment rolls

4.1. Characteristics of continuous caster roll bearings

Working conditions:

heavy load, low speed, high temperature, wet, steam, highly contaminated with hammer scales.

Requirement for bearings:

1. Heat resistant,

2. Accommodating axial displacement.

3. Self-aligning

4. Resistant to shock load.

5. Wear resistant, higher service life than roll.

6. Good sealing and lubricating properties.

Clearance choosing:

Narrow slab caster: C3 clearance

Wide slab caster: C4 clearance

Split bearing clearance should be the same with other bearings.

4.2. Bearing types

Working conditions:

The below types of bearings apply to all kinds of roll structure(One piece roll, one piece multi section roll, one piece roll with bushing, multi-section roll): SRB with big clearance, water cooled split bearing with housing, RUB bearing and CARB bearings

bearing types
bearing types

4.3.1. SRB specially designed an manufactured for continuous caster

segment roll

How are Continuous caster SRB different?

spherical roller load carrying property


optimized contact surface

4.3.2. RUB specially designed an manufactured for continuous caster

segment roll fixed end and free end

A new type of cylindrical bearing with outer self-aligning spherical washer.


RUB bearing

4.3.3. CARB specially designed an manufactured for continuous caster

Special Features of continuous caster CARB bearings

carb bearings type
carb bearing type

4.3.4. Split bearings

Split bearing structure
Split bearing structure

Special Features of continuous caster split bearings

Design features

split bearing
7 Things You Should Know About Bearings for Continuous Caster 66

4.3.5. Split Carb and Spherical Roller bearings

split bearings

Split CARB and Split Spherical roller bearing

water cooling system
middle support bearing

4.3.6. Split bearing unit manufacturing and Quality Control

Simuiated working condition test

5. Ladle turret bearing

Slewing bearing for ladle turret

Ladle turret normally use three row roller structure slewing bearing, which can take high redial load, axial load and tilting moment in the same time.

In harsh working conditions with high temperatures, dusty, it is very demanding on bearing cage, lubricant, and seal.

slewing bearing application
slewing bearings
slewing bearings 1

6. Bearing life and mounting

6.1. Service life calculation

Bearing life calculation equation for continuous caster bearings:

bearing life
bearing life pic

6.2. Clearance choosing

Narrow slab caster: C3 clearance

Wide slab caster: C4 clearance

Split bearing clearance should be the same with other bearings.


Too big: lower load capacity, higher stress, lower precision, higher noise, shorter life.

Too small: higher precision, higher temperature, easily lead to seize-up.

clearance mesurment

6.3. Mounting fit for bearings

mounting fit

7. Bearing lubrication

7.1. Lubrication method

Grease; thin oil circulation; oil mist; oil air lubrication.

There are mainly two kinds of lubrication systems.

One is central distribution system. The system contains many sub systems. It is characterized by distribute lubricants at regular time with each distribution portion relatively small, Normally less than 5 cc. The time interval is usually 6 to 10 times per hour. It supplies fresh lubricant at such time intervals, and in the meantime take away old grease and contaminants.

The other system is oil air lubrication system. This system transport lubricant with compressed air, through pipe to the bearings. Bearings are cooled and cleaned while lubricated. It can save lots of lubricants.

7.2. Features

In segment rolls, because bearings are water cooled and contaminated by metal scraps, and carrying high load at very low speed, it is hard to form oil film between rollers and raceway.

In order to facilitate the formation of lubricant film, viscosity class of lubricant must be selected according to working conditions. High viscosity will facilitate the formation of lubricant film, in the meantime prevent water corrosion and help sealing of the bearing.

On the other hand, low viscosity will be easy for pumping. Therefore it is recommended to pump lubricants with set quantity and at set time intervals. Frequently pumping with small quantity is recommended

Note: Even with cooling water, with up to 1000 degrees Celsius slab temperature radiation, the bearing operating Temperature will be up to 150 –200 degrees Celsius. Lubricant service life will be decreased by 50% with every 10-15 degrees Celsius increase.

7.3. Lubricant

Adjust according to experience.
Longest interval is 10 minutes.

7.4. Oil mist lubrication

Oil mist lubrication is more advanced. Nowadays, most of continuous caster use oil mist lubrication system.


oil film
Oil film

8. References

8.1 Many steel factories using our continuous caster bearings

FactoriesEquipmentPartsBearing Number
Guangdong Baojia SteelNo.3 Plant Continuous CasterSupport Roll22324CC/W33/S1/C4 ETC.
 YONGJIN CORP. 1# Continuous Caster Casting Table23034C/W33 ETC.
  YONGJIN CORP.   1# Continuous Caster    Casting Table 23126CA/W33 ETC.
Zhejiang Jianheng Steel1300 Slab Continuous CasterConveyor Rolls24128CA/C3/W33 ETC.
Zhejiang Ruikai Stainless Steel3# Slab Continuous Caster Conveyor Rolls 23136CC/C3/W33 ETC.

9. About us

Professional Steel Industry Bearing Solution Provider

Experience is the most important factor in bearing manufacturing.

Not all of the bearing manufacturers know bearing application aswell as we do.

From steel making to steel rolling, our bearing is a good solution for productivity increasing and cost cutting.

In China, we are working with many of the steel companies. YONGJIN CORP., Zhejiang Ruikai Stainless Steel and Zhejiang Jianheng Steel are all our valued customers.

Now with decades of experience in steel mill bearings, we are expanding to the global market with references of MMK – MAGNITOGORSK STEEL, WHEMCO, and Zaporizhstal.

Hope to cooperate with you and provide you with our value.

Strict Quality Control System

Total Quality Management is what we have adopted to improve our quality.

Advanced equipment ensures precision.

Strict workflow rules out possibility of flaw products.

quality control

Continuous effort in R&D

We have a team of 50 people as our designing engineer and application engineer in the field of steel mill bearings

We allocate 5% of total sales volume in to Research and Development every year.

35% of our total production are newly developed products.


Precision class: P2 (¢200mm≤D≤¢1600mm)

Grinding: over 50 CNC grinding machines

Heat treatment: Bainite salt bath quenching.

Main Products

Ladle turret split and non-split Spherical Roll Bearing

Continuous caster bearings, Spherical Roller Bearing and CARB

Hot rolling and cold rolling mill, roll neck four row CARB Bearing, Taper Roller Bearing and Thrust Bearings

H-shape steel mill double row, four row Taper Roller Bearing, CARB Bearing and screw down taper roller bearings

Sendzimir backup roll bearings

Steel mill cooling bed split bearings

Slewing bearings for heavy machinery

Wind turbine main shaft bearings

Industrial rolling bearings in other applications.