Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearing has wide dimension rage, which is the mostly type among roller bearing, can carry radial load and certain extent double row axial load.

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The deep groove ball bearing

The deep groove ball bearing has a wide dimension range, which is the most typical among roller bearings, can carry radial load and certain extent, double row axial load.

deep groove ball bearing
deep groove ball bearing
  • Capped type (with shield or seal)

Could simplify peripheral sealing device of bearing.

Pre-lubricated with an adequate quantity of grease, needn’t refilling.

For mainly type and capacity of bearing with shield or sea, please contact EVERGLORY.

  • With snap ring

Could localize axial by a snap ring, simplified the mounting inside case shell.

  • Maximum load type

In structure, a standard single row deep groove ball bearing has a filing slot among the inner ring and outer ring, increased ball diameter and the number of balls filled, consequently increasing the nominal radial load, but not applicable to carrying an axial load or high rate rotary.

deep groove ball bearing drawing 1   deep groove ball bearing drawing 2

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearings are the most typical sort of rolling bearings.

Their use could be prevalent. The raceway grooves on each interior and outer rings have circular arcs of a slightly bigger radius than the balls.

In addition to radial hundreds, both courses may impose axial hundreds. Because of the deep groove ball bearing low torque is highly appropriate for places where high speeds and low energy loss are required.

In addition to open sort bearings, these bearings usually have steel shields or rubber seals on one side and are pre-lubricated with grease. Also, snap rings are typically used on the periphery. As to cages, pressed steel ones are the most typical.

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