What are Crusher Bearings in 2022 ?

crusher bearings

What are Crusher Bearings?

Crusher bearings are mechanical component whose work is to guide a rotating assembly. The crusher bearings, therefore, allows the rotation of one element relative to another.

crusher bearings
crusher bearings

Bearings are, therefore, high-precision parts that allow equipment to rotate at different speeds by efficiently transporting notable loads. A good bearing must offer high precision and durability and the possibility of working at high speeds with minimal noise and vibration.

Problems Related to Crusher Bearings Installation

Keeping an eye on crusher bearings regularly is essential as they can have lubrication, failure, or other problems. The harsh circumstances in which crushers operate introduce a significant problem to running performance and a constant menace to long, reliable equipment life. Keeping machine availability high and cost-of-ownership low in these conditions requires a devotion to proper care, including routine inspection and re-lubrication of roller bearings in contraction and impact crushers.

Knowing the typical types of bearings used in crushing equipment can help operators and upkeep personnel understand how distinctive designs impact interpretation.

Some Crushers with the Bearings that are used in it:

Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are primarily used as primary crushers. Their main goal is to reduce the rocks to a small size so conveyors can haul them to the following crushing stages. In a typical jaw crusher, two outer bearings are placed on either side of the main frame that supports an eccentric shaft, while two inner bearings support a movable jaw. These are mainly known as “pitman” bearings.

Gyratory crushers

Gyratory crushers are commonly used in the primary crushing stage and negligibly less in the secondary stage.

Cone crushers

Cone crushers are like gyratory crushers from a technological perspective, but unlike gyratory crushers, cone crushers are prevalent in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages of crushing. Most cone crushers have two radial bearings and two axial bearings.

Impact crushers

Impact crushers are protean crushing machines that impact crushers can easily use at any stage of the crushing procedure. They mainly use spherical roller bearings in solid or split pillow block housings to support the impactor shaft on both sides. However, the attributes and abilities of distinct types of impact crushers vary extensively.

Things to keep in check using Bearings

Better Bearing Care

Suppose operators have to update broken bearings regularly or suspect they are not getting the existence out in their bearings that they expect. In that case, a few effortless steps to comply with and alternatives to discover can enhance machines’ overall performance and uptime in crushing circuits.


Poor lubrication is the main reason for bearing failure in maximum industrial applications, which include crushers. A proper re-lubrication timetable is vital to preserving suitable bearing working temperatures, which affect lubricant viscosity and existence. The immoderate warmness breaks down the lubrication and may reason untimely bearing failure. Mixing unique greases or different lubricants must also be avoided, as this can bring about breakdowns and might figure untimely loss. 


Problems with overall performance often stem from inadequate on-the-job schooling or repeated misinformation. Given the annoying existence of crushers, correct preservation practices, which include re-lubrication and a committed inspection timetable, can substantially amplify the presence of curler bearings and system reliability.

 Bearing Fit on Shaft and in Housing

Properly fitting crusher bearings to shafts and housings is also crucial to performance. Suppose the crusher bearing is not fitted correctly (too tight or too loose), problems including creep, excessive vibration, and premature failure may occur. For instance, a shaft reused repeatedly can be slightly smaller than the day the machine was installed. A small-sized shaft – can cause improper bearing fit and cause premature bearing failure. Recommended fair values should be re-checked each time crusher bearings are replaced or repaired.

How to select the suitable Crusher Bearings for you?

Selecting a piece of the best crushing equipment can be much complicated as it appears. But tools and software are known in the market to make this work more straightforward; they simplify checking different prospects and help in making judgments. The main checkbox of all these analyses is the careful measures taken to interpret the capabilities and constraints of varying crusher bearing and operational requirements.

Every crushing site and the work happening is different. The best outcomes are usually taken by integrating various conclusions with practical tests of the dissimilar materials, their operating conditions, maintenance needs, and monetary factors of different alternatives. 

The Crusher Bearing you choose must fulfil your requirements and make the task easier for you. The type of rock helps you decide which type of bearing will be suitable for the situation and can lead you to the right crusher. 

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