2023 The Backing Bearings Quick Guide for You

Backing Bearings

You can find many different types of bearings in the industrial world. Backing bearings hold a prominent place out of them. In this article, we will help you to figure out what these bearings are all about. Then you can figure out whether you should go ahead with getting such bearings for your industrial needs or not. 

Backing Bearings
Backing Bearings

What is a backing bearing, and what are bearings used for?

Backing bearings are designed specifically for the cluster-type cold rolling mills. However, you will still use them for many other applications. For example, you will be able to use these bearings for blending machines and straightening machines. One of the most important things to keep in mind about these bearings is that they come with a thick outer wall ring. You will therefore be able to mount them to stationary support shafts. By doing that, you can create straightening and backup rolls. 

The force from work rolls would transmit via the support system saddles and support shaft to the machine stands or the roll. Based on that, the backup roll bearings help you get the specific functionality you require. 

When you deep dive and look at the bearings, you will see a logarithmic contact profile in between the raceways and rollers. This can deliver an adequate distribution of stress. You can expect to receive outstanding results under different load conditions. On the other hand, you can ensure that the bearing will not get misaligned when supplied with an additional load. Therefore, you will be able to get an optimized finish on different surfaces of the contact serves. This would also improve the lubrication conditions.

Backing bearings are designed for multiple roller cooling mill bearing. In other words, you will often be able to see how backing bearings are used on rolling applications where a high level of accuracy is required. However, it would also be possible for you to go ahead and use backing bearings for numerous other applications. For example, you can also use backing bearings for bending machines and roller straighteners.

What are the main types of backing bearings?

Backing bearings are also known as backup roller bearings. This is nothing but a multiple-row cylindrical roller bearing. These bearings come along with a thicker outer ring. On the other hand, you can get a very high precision out of backing bearings. For example, the end face height that measures from outer diameter to inner diameter would eliminate overall radial clearance. 

If you deep dive and look at backing bearings, you will notice that they come along with a very thick wall. This is one of the unique features you can find in all backing bearings. You will be able to install the backing bearings with a static support axis. This would support the leveler roll or support role.

Force generated by the functioning of the roll would be transmitted to the housing or roller via a support roller. Support roller is also known as supportive housing. The backing bearing is capable of handling a very high radial load accuracy. This is due to the unique design that comes along with it. On the other hand, you can make sure that the backing bearing can bear the radial load transmitted into the housing via an adjacent mechanism. 

One of the unique things you will notice in backing bearings is that they are in a position to bear an enormous radial load. On the other hand, the overall operational accuracy that you can get out of backing bearings is more than P4. These bearings can be separated and repaired according to specific needs.

Things You should consider before you wholesale backing bearing 

What is the priority when you plan to wholesale backing bearing? The price or the quality? Since the backing bearings are high-precision parts, any tiny tolerance will cause the production break. And as a result, economic loss occurs, so we strongly suggest you focus on quality first. 

1. How does Everglory control the quality?

Quality control comes from the experience of focusing on one industry. Our company Everglory is a professional manufacturer and supplier of industrial machinery bearings with 18 years! 

Within these years, we have developed two of our brands: the Sendzimir® and GIB®, for different kinds of bearings. 

We also believe that the quality will come from strict control in each production process. That is, from the raw material to the finished backing bearing products. The primary production process is as below:

Strict selection of materials→ Advanced Heat Treatment→Reinvented Cage Production→High-Quality Rollers→ High Precision Rings Grinding→100% Test Before And After Assembly.

And because of our strict quality standard in the production, our products have passed ISO9001 and ISO1400, we have built long-term cooperation with more than 30 countries. Contact us now to get a free quote. 

2. What about Everglory backing bearing price? 

We know that backing bearings are usually high-precision parts, so it’s our responsibility to provide the customer with the best quality backing bearings. We do not want the economic loss happens to our customer. In this condition, our products price will be reasonable compared to other suppliers on Alibaba. 

Please click here to fill out the form and let us know more about your requirements so that we can quote you the exact price as per your requirements. To learn more specific details about our backing bearing, please visit this product: Backing Bearings / Backup Roll Bearing

3. Whether the customization is available?

Yes, our company Everglory has about 15 years of experience providing OEM service. BBR, CR, S4M, ABS, DPI. . In particular, our equipment supports P4 to P2 class for Backing Bearings and P5 class for crusher bearings. This makes the final products can be distinguished (unique) from the vast majority of bearings on the market. 

We always go the extra mile beyond customers’ expectations, and please feel free to contact us and tell us more about your requirements here

4. Technical support service

We not only focus on the product quality but also require the quality of the technical support. This will ensure our customers focus on their professionals, and we will care about everything about backing bearing. 

Customers do not need to care about the language issues, since our staff is experienced and certified in their English language skills no matter in email or telecommunications. We will try our best to develop the best solutions for your customization needs or solve the problem you are facing in the usage. Visit our contact us page and drop us an email. Our professional technical staff will get back to you. 

The products list of EVERGLORY.

backing bearing
backing bearing

Now you have a strong understanding of the different types of rear bearings available out there to consider. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best ones, you must look at the ones available at EVERGLORY. Let’s look at the list of different bearings available for your purchase at EVERGLORY. 

– Crusher bearings

– Backing bearings

– Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

– Double row cylindrical roller bearings

– Deep groove ball bearings

– Four-row cylindrical roller bearings

– Four-row taper roller bearings

– Spherical roller thrust bearings

– Spherical roller bearings and many more.

If you want to look at all products available for sale, you may visit the website of EVERGLORY. 

Why should you select EVERGLORY to buy wholesale bearings? 

Any person or industry looking for a place to buy wholesale bearings can think about selecting EVERGLORY. That’s because you can expect to receive numerous benefits. For example, EVERGLORY is a direct manufacturer of bearings. Therefore, the products will not go through a middleman before they are made available for you to purchase. This would ensure that you get a better price at the end of the day. 

You will also get a professional service as you work with the experts at EVERGLORY. The service that they offer to you is highly customized. Therefore, you will not have to go through any significant challenges trying to buy what you want. You can let the experts at EVERGLORY know about your needs, and they will be catered accordingly. Go ahead and visit the website of EVERGLORY to buy all sorts of backing bearings that you want. It is a place that we can highly recommend to buy quality backing bearings at a price that you can afford.